Document workshops

In Chess, the value of the chessmen depends on the position of the opposing chessmen. As in Chess, the meaning of a word in a sentence depends on the surrounding words and on the context in which the sentence is placed. While a game of Chess starts with 32 figures on a board of 64 squares, writing begins with a blank piece of paper and an unlimited amount of words. Writing is difficult.

We believe that a document can always be improved. We proofread documents in light of different aspects. Forget what you have learned up to now about writing. Start thinking for yourself; start searching for your own voice, your own way of expression. This, however, is not to be confused with carelessness or nonchalance.

  • Is the writing form the best way to express something? (If you are going in the wrong direction, there is no use in doubling the speed.)
  • What are the affects of your argumentation?
  • Where are the weak points in your sentence structuring?
  • How to achieve structure and stringency of a document.
  • How to develop your language style.
  • How to organise the layout.
  • How to find your rhythm.
  • and more

On the basis of a comprehensive analysis, we will work out toghether with you a precise plan for making improvement.