Learning pathways at Sprachwelten

Many paths lead to the C2 level. One cannot simply buy a language. Rather, success in learning a language depends a great deal on the effort you put in and your talent for languages. The graph shows the path from level A1 to C1, based on our long experience of adult education for graduates.

On the horizontal axis is the number of months required, while on the vertical axis is the competence level, based on our standard courses, which are made up of 48 lessons of 45 minutes over 12 weeks.

The three curves represent three different ways of learning that can be characterised in the following way:

ColourFeatures of learning type
  • continual, daily work on the language
  • able to use the new knowledge daily in work or study
  • very highly motivated with high demands of themselves
  • Used to learning and can already speak several languages
  • C1 level can be achieved in approximately 15 months
  • continual work on the language
  • can occasionally use the language in their environment
  • experienced learner who is absorbed in his or her work
  • has already mastered a foreign language apart from English
  • C1 level can be achieved in approximately 20 months
  • works more or less regularly on the language
  • hardly uses the language in daily life
  • experienced learner, who is very absorbed in his or her work
  • has usually mastered a foreign language, often English
  • C1 level can be achieved in approximately 30 months

In order to move from C1 to C2 level it is essential to read, think, speak and write as much as possible in the new language. This process can take 1-2 years for very quick learners.