Our team

At Sprachwelten we set very high standards pertaining to customer focus, technical competency and the joy of teaching. Learning depends on many individual factors. We strive one day at a time to wake those inner forces and ideas that motivate you to discover new language horizons with us.

Our teachers
  • Monika Dätwyler, Head of school
  • Susanna Bauer
  • Sara Barosco
  • Igor Botchkarev
  • Maria Brunner
  • Evelyn Castillo Lucen de Naiu
  • Milica Cesarovic
  • Matteo Galiffa
  • Zsofia Gor
  • Linda Homola
  • Jana, Kevicka
  • Capucine Lehmann
  • Zanna Malina
  • Andreas Monnet
  • Ulrike Nieding
  • Oksana, Noorlander
  • Aliona, Popusoi
  • Mariano Ramirez
  • Elena Rostovtseva
  • Susanna Rozkosny
  • Daryl Snell
  • Senka Stefanov
  • Sophie Stoffel

Other employees

  • Oliver Dätwyler, Head of school
  • Natalia Buser
  • Helena Chantal Oliveira