Comparing Offers

We would like to pass on a few tips for you to help compare different schools.
What is the maximum group size? Is this guaranteed?At Sprachwelten, the maximum of 5 people is guaranteed. If you book a smaller group, this size also guaranteed. Be careful if you are promised an average group size in other schools. You could quickly find yourself in a group that has reached the maximum group size.
What kind of customer do the schools focus on?We focus on strong learners, who are highly motivated and very often have an academic background. The learning dynamic is very strong. The wider the spectrum of customers at a school and the bigger the groups will be, the less you will be able to profit from the tuition.
PricePlease take note of the below information. If you carry out a serious price comparison, you will be impressed by the prices available at Sprachwelten.
Continuity in the learning relationshipIt is crucial to us that the trust between students and tutors is very high. We therefore offer you a very stable learning environment.

The price for a language lesson does not say anything about the quality of the lesson. If you are looking for a suitable school with equivalent offers we would like you to consider the following:

(1) B = 60 divided by the maximum group size.

Sprachwelten calls "B" the benefit factor. The maximum benefit factor is 60 for a private lesson where the teacher gives full attention for an hour only to you. The larger the group size, the smaller the benefit factor. At Sprachwelten the maximum group size is 5 hence you will never have a benefit factor lesser than 12. In other words, for every hour in a group an average of 12 minutes can be dedicated to you. If the maximum group size is for instance 15 you are granted only an average of 4 minutes per lesson.

(2) P = price per 60 minutes

Please note that lessons in different schools vary in time; some have 40-45 minutes up to 60 minute sessions. A lesson at Sprachwelten usually lasts 45 minutes. Hence comparing the prices on the same measure we recommend a 60 minute session.
For example: A 45-minute lesson costs 30 Swiss francs. Multiply the 30 CHF (price for 1 lesson) by 60 minutes and divided by 45 CHF. This results in 40 CHF an hour.

Ranking value = P / B

If you divide Price per hour (P) by benefit factor (B) for all the offers you will end up with the lowest ranking value for the best price offer for a comparable group size. We will advise you with pleasure on an honest price comparison.