German course

Based on instructions issued by Swiss authorities in regard of the coronavirus situation, we are forced to close our school until at least 19th of April 2020. Existing courses are provided online whenever possible and suitable. New courses can currently only be provided by online learning (Skype, etc.). Thank you for your understanding and we wish everybody a lot of strength and hope in these difficult times!

German Courses

Learn German on all levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2)


German for graduates A1/A2 Highspeed (1 level in 4 weeks). The course starts 24 February 2020.

Course times: 9:15h - 11:30h or 14:00h-16:15h
Course days: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
: 043 277 80 00

— Monika Dätwyler, Headmaster Sprachwelten

In the following three tabs you will find our current group courses and a general description of course types. Of course this offering is also available in private lessons. Additionally you find under Offer more information on how to achieve your objectives at Sprachwelten. We begin whenever we are able to bring together 3-5 well-matched people.

German Exercises

We offer on a regular basis some free exercises to improve your vocabulary and grammar. Take advantage of it on this page.

German Textbooks

We use the following textbooks in our German classes

Begegnungen A1, ISBN 978-3-929526-86-8
Begegnungen A2, ISBN 978-3-929526-89-9
Begegnungen B1, ISBN 978-3-941323-20-9
Erkundungen B2, ISBN 978-3-929526-96-7
Erkundungen C1, ISBN 978-3-929526-97-4
Erkundungen C2, ISBN 978-3-941323-22-3
Endstation C2, ISBN 978-960-8261-63-1
Entscheidungen, Deutsch als Geschäfts- und Verhandlungssprache, ISBN 978-3-941323-23-0